Why don't you blog?

Kerri Baker and her dog Beatrix

"Why don't you write a blog?" This is a question I hear often, followed by, "It's just like journaling. You can totally journal. Everyone journals." Do they? Really? Who are these magical creatures who journal every day? Please introduce yourselves so you can give me pointers. I've tried on and off for years to journal. Fitness journals, diet journals, business journals. And yes, I've even tried blogging (never actually published a single entry). Been there, not done that.

I don't have an answer to why I don't have a blog. But I do have a story for you. Let me tell you about a girl in college, a yoga class and a journal that wasn't.

It started during my senior year at San Francisco State University. I signed up for a yoga class at 9:00 AM on Thursdays, figuring it would be an easy A. Not so much. First, getting there at 9:00 was rough, because I was not a morning person. Living in San Francisco, there was something happening every night of the week, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Theater, concerts, a whole lot of dancing and very little sleeping. It's a gym class, attendance isn't mandatory, right? Wrong.

Second, the professor assigned a book to read and made journaling a requirement. I'm sure he had good intentions. I read his book, Yoga: The Spirit of Union by Laurence Caughlan

It was filled with pictures of the bald eagle he rescued and yoga poses executed perfectly on mountaintops, in valleys and every other serene location you can imagine. He felt it was important to explore your process, dig deep into your yoga journey.

For me, it was fulfilling the necessary Physical Education requirement for graduation. That was my process. I didn't want to delve into my soul, figure out what made me who I was at the time. Graduation was top of mind. And I just needed to get through this class, graduate and get on with the rest of my life.

But again, it's a gym class. Why am I reading this book and writing about my experience? Why indeed. Had I bothered with the process, I would probably be more at peace and all that woo-woo now.

Before I realized it, it was too late to take the class Pass/Fail and I knew that easy A wasn't happening. On the Wednesday night before the final class, I wrote an entire journal full of bulls***.

I was getting a Psychology degree, I had plenty of nothing to write about. Finished the class with a C- and haven't been successful at journalling since. Nor have I developed a sustainable yoga practice. I wonder if there is a correlation?

They say that practice makes perfect. Write a little every day and the words will flow onto the page. Right...I'll settle for practice making things easier. We will see.

So I'm tackling the journaling challenge now. Hopefully I can write something interesting. Or at least entertaining.

As for the sustainable yoga practice? There's still time. For now, I've got pilates.