How much Pilates can you do in 12 minutes?

When I want to get a Pilates fix and don’t have time for a full workout, here’s what I do on the mat. Full disclosure, it’s probably more than 12 minutes of movement. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. I’ve even added a few images to get you going!

  • Start with the Hundred, 5 Roll Ups and 5-10 Single Leg Circles lying on your back.

  • Sit up for Rolling Like a Ball 5x, balancing on your bum after the last roll so you can do 5-10 Dips.

  • Lie back down for your Series of Five (think 5 ab exercises, 5-10 times each): Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Single Straight Leg Stretch, Double Straight Leg Stretch and Criss Cross.

  • Flip over onto your belly for 3 Swan Preps (remember that back stretch that feels a lot like Up Dog?) and then Child’s Pose to stretch it out.

  • Return to your back for Bridges. Bridge with both feet planted 5x and then go big by raising/lowering one leg at a time.

  • Roll to your right side, with your legs at a angle in front of you for 8-10 Side Kicks (just swing your leg forward and back with control) and Leg Circles. Now repeat this on the left.

  • For the grand finale, lie flat on your back, stretching from your finger tips to your toes and roll up into a V for the Teaser. I like to do this one 3x

  • Hug your knees to your chest and viola! You are done. 

Remember, be true to your body and only do the exercises you are comfortable with. If you have any questions, please shoot me a text at 213-590-3703 or email

Client Spotlight


Bob Levinson

I first met Bob years ago, while I was training. As an apprentice, I would occasionally fill in for his regular instructor. When he moved to downtown Los Angeles, he stopped his regular sessions...until he found me. And the rest is history. Here is Bob’s story.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am a very young 81-year-old grandfather of nine. I’ve been doing pilates with Kerri for five years.

What brought you to Kerri Baker Pilates?

I was told by my doctor that I needed to work on my core, since I was in need of hip replacement surgery. At the age of 76, I was told it would be better if I could work out and strengthen my core before the surgery was done.

What would you tell someone who said that they were too “old” to start Pilates?

I never thought I was too old to start. I was open to it because I had done pilates some 11 years earlier, and enjoyed it somewhat at that time.

If you have any health issues, how has Pilates helped you?

My hip replacement was a huge success, and I credit pilates with reducing the post-op soreness. It has helped me stay loose and flexible, and keeps me stretched and limber. I enjoy every session and find it a real challenge.

What are some of the benefits you’ve found from your Pilates practice?

The biggest benefit is that no one believes I am 81, and I have no aches and pains that others at my age suffer from.

How would you describe Pilates to a friend or coworker who wasn’t familiar with it?

Organized stretching and muscle toning and exercise that challenges but doesn’t put you in a place where you can be hurt. I believe in one on one with an instructor for best results.


What do you like most about Pilates?   

The challenge to do each and every new exercise. It feels great when you do something that you feel is something you won’t be able to accomplish. When you do it and realize you just passed a new challenge it’s a great moment.

Any last-minute thoughts for someone contemplating starting Pilates with Kerri Baker?

Don’t think about it too long. Just try it out. You will be amazed how easy it really is and you will enjoy every minute of the session. Kerri gives you s great physical workout and a great time as well.